Is this a roofing scam?

With spring storms in full swing, be careful of roofing scams

Be leery of the door-to-door salesman who says he will “walk me through a claim” for hail damage. That is, they’ll inspect your roof (20 yrs old) and if they find damage, they’ll “work with the insurance company” to get it to pay for a new roof. In return, they get to do the job.

Be careful of companies that go door-to-door.  If they are a professional roofing company, they don’t usually go door-to-door trying to drum up business.  You always want to check with the BBB before hiring a contractor you don’t know.  And it is best to get references.  People that have worked with them in the past will be able to tell you if they are reliable and trustworthy.

When you have experienced storm damage, sometimes you feel vulnerable and all you want is to get it fixed, and fast!  Roofing scams are sometimes difficult to detect.  Think about it this way…It might not be a scam so much as gentle fraud; if the insurance company doesn’t agree to pay, well, they didn’t invest much time. If the insurance company does pay, well, they get the business, you get a new roof, and the insurance company gets the exorbitant new premiums you will have to start paying after filing a claim on your insurance.

So the next time you have storm damage or think you need roof repair, contact a roofing professional you can trust.  Don’t wait until one comes knocking at your door.  And any time you have doubts, check them out before signing the dotted line.

For more information, or to schedule a free damage assessment, contact:
Saratoga Roofing & Construction
Serving OKC * Tulsa * DFW Metroplex * Kansas City * Wichita


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